Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Pipe

 Advantages :

1.Strong laser light, Small clearance on work piece, Even and Neat, Do not require touch up, Save Time and Energy.
2.Automatic height sensor on laser head for Uneven work piece.
3.Easy and Efficient CNC software for Fast programming .
4.Can use compressed Air to cut, Higher Profit and Lower Cost .
Suitable Users
Mechanical & Electrical Equipment、Engineering Workshop、Switchboard Manufacturer、Stainless Steel Product、Renovation & Decor Work、Kitchen Equipment、Lighting Cover、Jewellery ( Metal, Zinc & Stainless Steel )、Car Accessories、Spectacle、Advertisement board、Metal Furniture Etc And Many More Different Industry.
Processing Material
Stainless Steel Sheet & Hollow Pipe、Carbon Steel Sheet & Hollow Pipe、Stainless Iron Sheet & Hollow Pipe、Galvanized Sheet & Hollow Pipe、Electrolytic Plate、Aluminum & Gold、Titanium Plate、Aluminum、Brass、Rare Metal、Ceramics.

Shipbuilding industry, network structure, steel, marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.


Totally enclosed Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Basic information

NameMK3015Q-Totally enclosed Metal Laser Cutting Machine

CategoryLarge format laser cutting mac



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